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Are you or I— really generous? 


“You know how to give. Everyone gives something somewhere. We define our generosity by our random acts of goodness. But generosity is more than that. Generosity is the premeditated, calculated, designated emancipation of personal financial assets. When you become generous, you give more, save more, and consume less. It can free you from the Great American Insanity Cycle of spending more than we make, accumulating debt, having no financial margin, worrying about money, and spending money we don’t have in order to distract ourselves from worry.” Andy Stanley


You really owe to yourself to check this out.  You really owe it to those you love & like- to check this out.  You know down deep, you owe it everyone—including the One Who is the ultimate Maker of us all.  Let Him restore you.  HE alone can do this.  Here is practical way He can.  


Glad you are thinking.  Let me know what I might want to share that is worth being thought about!



People are impressed with daring rescues!  I think this is well illustrated by this book with an unusual title:  “Oh, My God” by Paul Cinquemani CPA.  And unlike taxes, that CPA are tied to— this book is here free (in the PDF form)— or you can pay for the paper if you want a hard copy book.  (It too would be a bargain!)


We tend to here these words spoken in the negative.  Something tragic has occurred that spills these words from our lips. Paul does an artful job here in  giving both a refreshing and flowing book that makes the book not long enough! 


So do everybody a favor and check this out.  It will have a positive impact on you.


Keep thinking!  Let me know what you think about this!  What might be topics or resources we both want to explore and then to share?  Eager to here as this community grows!


Practicing family medicine for over 30 yrs has definitely taught me a lot.  Seeing how people think has become a passion of mine.  And yes, it makes sure that I check under my own hood to see how my engine (mind) is doing and what I would be wise to do so as not to encourage any premature breakdowns!


Thinking is defined as follows:





using thought or rational judgment; intelligent.

"he seemed to be a thinking man"

synonyms: intelligent, sensible, reasonable, rational; More



the process of using one's mind to consider or reason about something.

"they have done some thinking about_____________ (you fill in blank)”


What we think about,  can be divided into two!  Sure we can sub-divide without limits beyond the time & energy it takes— but you have 2 real divisions.  Here is what come to my mind:

- Positive vs. Negative

- Helpful vs. Hurtful

- Long term vs Short term

- Right vs. Left

- Doing what is right vs. Doing what is not right

- Others as priority vs  Me focussed*

- [Perhaps some input from y’all]


The divisions are not always right vs wrong —though sometimes it is.  Wisdom will help us all avoid the 2 ditches on either side of the roads! 


So keep thinking!  


Share if you so desire.   Eager to pass on it on!


* We need to take care of ourselves so we can take care of others.